The scientific program is currently under construction.

Contributions are welcome: abstracts submitted on this web site will be selected by the scientific committee.
Already confirmed speakers include:
L. Baudis, M. Boudaud, E.Charles, W. Chung, M.Cirelli, L. Covi, R.Crocker, A. Ejlli, T.Hambye, S. Horiuchi, J.Knoedlseder, M. Kunz, E. Morgante, J.Penarubia, K. Petraki, L. Roszkowski, D. Santos, N. Spooner, Y. Stadnik, A. Vincent, P. von Doetinchem, C.Weniger, L. Xiao-Wei

A. Indirect DM search

  • X, MeV, Gamma-rays
  • Charged particles
  • Neutrinos
  • Complementarity between direct and indirect

B. Direct DM searches

  • WIMP searches
  • WISP searches

C. DM theory

  • Particle DM candidates
  • Alternative theories

D. DM and Atrophysics and Cosmology

  • Astrophysics: what do we know about these observations
  • Cosmology
  • Cosmological simulations

E. DM searches at accelerators

  • LHC
  • Fixed target

F. Future and upcoming detectors, technological breakthrough

G. Transverse (convergence with gravitational waves)

  • LIGO/VIRGO results



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