The scientific program is currently under construction.

Contributions are welcome: abstracts submitted on this web site will be selected by the scientific committee.

A. Dark Matter: WIMPs and alternatives

  • WIMPs, light DM
  • Axions, Gravitino, Axino
  • Primordial black holes

B. Dark matter: direct and indirect searches

  • Direct searches: solid state detectors
  • Direct searches: noble liquids
  • Low-mass direct searches
  • TeV WIMP searches and prospects
  • Axion searches
  • Gravitational and early-universe probes of dark matter

C. Gravitational Waves

  • GW detection
  • Limits on GR
  • Cosmology with GW
  • Compact object binaries

D. Gamma rays, cosmic rays

  • CR lectrons and pulsars
  • GRBs at VHE
  • Galactic diffuse emission
  • CR anisotropy

E. Neutrinos

  • Astrophysical neutrinos
  • Diffuse HE neutrino flux
  • Fundamental physics with neutrinos
  • Neutrinos from the Sun

F. Time domain astronomy and multi-messenger astronomy

  • GRBs
  • Kilonovae
  • HE neutrino follow-up
  • HE/VHE gamma-ray follow-up

G. Cosmology

  • Constraining cosmology with CMB anisotropies
  • Optical surveys and weak lensing
  • Large Scale Structures and Peculiar velocities
  • Probing EoR (Epoch of Reionisation) and Dark Energy of the 21cm hydrogen line

H. Future experiments/facilities

  • Ground-based : LHASSO, CTA, KM3NeT, LSST ...
  • Space-based : AMEGO, SVOM, LISA ...



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