The program is presently under construction.
It will consist of plenary talks and parallel session talks.

Contributions are welcome: abstracts submitted on this web site will be selected by the scientific committee.

The main topics of the conference are:
  • Particle Physics
    • Production and Properties of the Higgs Boson
    • Searches for New Physics
    • Phenomenology of Physics Beyond the Standard Model
    • Production and Properties of the Heavy Quarks
    • Studies of Electroweak and QCD physics
    • Latest Results from Heavy Ion Collisions
    • Recent Results from the Intensity Frontier
    • Neutrino Physics from the Laboratory
    • Future Facilities (Accelerators)
  • AstroParticle Physics and Cosmology
    • Cosmic Rays : Ground-Based and Satellite Experiments
    • Gamma-Ray Astronomy : Ground-Based and Satellite Experiments
    • Multi Messenger Astronomy
    • Dark Matter and Dark Energy
    • The Early Universe
    • The Cosmic Background Radiation
    • Large Scale Structures
    • Future Facilities (Satellites and Telescopes)



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