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Since 1993 the Rencontres du Vietnam , which is an official partner of UNESCO, has organised international scientific conferences and schools to foster exchanges between Vietnamese or Asia-Pacific scientists and colleagues from other parts of the world.

The construction of the International Centre for Interdisciplinary Science Education (ICISE) in the city of Quy Nhon (Central Vietnam) has the ambitious objective to focus on developing Science and Education, helping young Asian students and scientists to meet with the International Science community, bringing the opportunity to accelerate their knowledge from attending lectures and sharing ideas with overseas high-level counterparts.

(To locate ICISE, open a Google Earth window and just type International Center of Interdisciplinary Science Education in the Search field.)

  The 25th Anniversary Conference of the Rencontres du Vietnam on Windows on the Universe will consist of 2 twin conferences:
Windows on the Universe: Particle Physics

Windows on the Universe: Astrophysics.

The conference will consist of plenary common sessions and on separate sessions, alternating every day. The common sessions will focus on invited indepth oral presentations (review talks and talks on specific specialised topics), while the separate sessions will also be open to contributed papers, in the form of relatively short oral papers. Special emphasis is being placed on active participation by young researchers and post-docs.

The main topics of the conference are:
Particle Physics
Production and Properties of the Higgs Boson
Searches for New Physics
Phenomenology of Physics Beyond the Standard Model
Production and Properties of the Heavy Quarks
Studies of Electroweak and QCD physics
Latest Results from Heavy Ion Collisions
Recent Results from the Intensity Frontier
Neutrino Physics from the Laboratory
Future Facilities (Accelerators)
Gamma-Ray Astronomy : Ground-Based and Satellite Experiments
Cosmic Rays : Ground-Based and Satellite Experiments
Multi Messenger Astronomy (Neutrinos, CR and GW)
Dark Energy and Dark Matter
The Cosmic Background Radiation
The Early Universe
Large Scale Structures
Future Facilities (Satellites and Telescopes)

Organizing Institutions and Conference Chairs
Ministry of Science and Technology
Hanoi, Vietnam
Rencontres du Vietnam
Gif sur Yvette, France

Chu Ngọc Anh
Ministry of Science and Technology
Hanoi, Vietnam
Nguyên van Hiêu
Institute of Physics
Hanoi, Vietnam
Trân Thanh Vân
Rencontres du Vietnam
Gif sur Yvette, France

Scientific Program Committee
Particle Physics Conference   Astrophysics Conference
Meenakshi Narain (Chair)
Brown University, Providence, USA
  Hien T. Nguyen (Chair)
JPL/Caltech, Pasadena, USA
Joao Barreiro Guimaraes
Da Costa

IHEP-CAS, Beijing, China
  Tzu-Ching Chang
JPL, Pasadena, USA
Freya Blekman
VUB, Brussels, Belgium
  Hsin Cynthia Chiang
University of KwaZulu-Natal,
Durban, South Africa
Kai-Feng Chen
NTU, Taipei, Taiwan
  Olivier Doré
JPL, Pasadena, USA
Mikhail Danilov
Lebedev Institue, Moscow, Russia
  Jacques Dumarchez
LPNHE, Paris, France
Bonnie Fleming
Yale University, New Haven, USA
  Raphael Flauger
UC, San Diego, USA
Jean-Marie Frère
ULB, Brussels, Belgium
  Gérard Fontaine
LLR, Palaiseau, France
Daniel Froidevaux
CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  Jason Gallicchio
HMC, Claremont, USA
Christophe Grojean
DESY, Hamburg, Germany
  Ken Ganga
APC, Paris, France
Guido Martinelli
La Sapienza, Roma, Italy
  Masahiko Hayashi
NAOJ, Tokyo, Japan
Tatsuya Nakada
EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland
  Paul Ho
ASIAA, Taipei, Taiwan
Tsuyoshi Nakaya
Kyoto University, Japan
  Shirley Ho
LBNL, Berkeley, USA
Silvia Pascoli
IPPP, Durham, UK
  Sotiris Loucatos
APC, Paris, France
Monica Pepe-Altarelli
CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  Tomotake Matsumura
IPMU, Tokyo, Japan
Masahiro Takada
IPMU, Tokyo, Japan
  Quang Nguyen Luong
KASI, Daejeon, Korea
Sunil Trivedi
TIFR, Mumbai, India
  Phan Bao Ngoc
IU, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Local Organizing Committee
P.Q. Hung
University of Virginia, Charlottesville, USA
Le Duc Ninh
IFIRSE, Quy Nhon, Vietnam
Dao Thi Nhung
IFIRSE, Quy Nhon, Vietnam
Nguyen Thi Hong Van
IFIRSE, Quy Nhon, Vietnam
Pham Ngoc Diep
Vietnam National Space Center, Vietnam

Contact Us

For questions regarding the scientific program contact:
Meenakshi Narain for Particle Physics
  Hien T. Nguyen for Astrophysics

For administrative information contact:
Aimie Fong
Secretary of the Rencontres du Vietnam

BP 33
Gif sur Yvette
Tel : 33 (0)1 69 28 51 35