Since 1993 the Rencontres du Vietnam , which is an official partner of UNESCO, has organised international scientific conferences and schools to foster exchanges between Vietnamese or Asia-Pacific scientists and colleagues from other parts of the world.

The construction of the International Centre for Interdisciplinary Science Education (ICISE) in the city of Quy Nhon (Central Vietnam) had the ambitious objective to focus on developing Science and Education, helping young Asian students and scientists to meet with the International Science community, bringing the opportunity to accelerate their knowledge from attending lectures and sharing ideas with overseas high-level counterparts.

  The discovery of neutrino oscillations which can be dated from 1998 was a major achievement. Since then refined experiments have mesaured with increased accuracy masses and mixings among the three flavors. The future is well defined: first resolving the mass hierarchy problem and then find the phase of CP violation in the leptonic sector.

The neutrino workshop to be held in Quy Nhon Vietnam 16-22 July 2017 will cover all the topics of interest. Present activities will be reviewed: progresses in reactor and accelerator neutrinos, direct mass measurement, search for neutrinoless double-beta decays. the puzzles of sterile neutrinos will be discussed as well as neutrinos from astrophysics. Theory will cover the challenges which remain to unveil the properties of the neutrinos and their place in the Universe.

Emphasis will be put on coming-up experiments, so as to help the Vietnamese community in choosing a path to develop its own neutrino research.

International Advisory Committee
Takaaki Kajita
ICRR, Tokyo, Japan
  Arthur McDonald
SNO Institute &
Queen's University, Kingston, Canada
Alessandro Bettini
University of Padua, Italy
José Bernabeu
IFIC Universitat de València, Spain
Pierre Binétruy
APC Université Paris Diderot, France
Alain Blondel
Université de Genève, Switzerland
Guido Drexlin
KIT, Karlsruhe, Germany
Harald Fritzsch
Ludwig Maximilian Universität,
Munich, Germany
Fabiola Gianotti
CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
Francis Halzen
University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA
Boris Kayser
Fermilab, Batavia, USA
Alexei Smirnov
MPIK, Heidelberg, Germany

Scientific Program Committee
  François Vannucci
LPNHE & Université Paris Diderot,
Paris, France
Jun Cao
IHEP CAS, Beijing, P.R. China
Jacques Dumarchez
LPNHE, Paris, France
Belen Gavela
UAM, Madrid, Spain
Deborah Harris
Fermilab, Batavia, USA
Takashi Kobayashi
KEK, Tsukuba, Japan
Antoine Kouchner
APC, Paris, France
Soo-Bong Kim
SNU, Seoul, Korea
Manfred Lindner
MPIK, Heidelberg, Germany
Mauro Mezzetto
INFN, Padova, Italy
Kate Scholberg
Duke University, Durham, USA
Mark Vagins
Kavli IPMU, Kashiwa, Japan
Henry Tsz-King Wong
Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan ROC

Local Organizing Committee

Cao Van Son
Kyoto University, Japan
Jacques Dumarchez
LPNHE, Paris, France
Le Phuoc Trung
Tufts University, Medford, USA
Trân Thanh Vân
Rencontres du Vietnam
Gif-sur-Yvette, France

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