The present state of the school program can be visualized on this PDF file.

The indico site where the lecturers documentation will be posted is HERE.

The school will include formal lectures, informal tutorial sessions and opportunities for students to present their own work. The main topics and lectures of the school are
  • Neutrino Mass Models:   ZhiZhong Xing
  • Neutrino Phenomenology:   Boris Kayser
  • Neutrino Detectors:   Masashi Yokoyama
  • Accelerator Neutrino Experiments:   Jeff Hartnell
  • Neutrino Interactions:   Kevin McFarland
  • Direct Neutrino Mass ¬†and Neutrino-less Double Beta Decay¬†Measurements:   Susanne Mertens
  • Solar and Atmospheric Neutrino Experiments:   Jen Raaf
  • Reactor Neutrino Experiments:   Seon-Hee Seo
  • Cosmology / High Energy Neutrino Astrophysics:   Mary Hall Reno
  • Future Efforts of the Field:   Sandhya Choubey
  • Neutrinos: Can We Tell 4 From 2 (Components)?   Jean-Marie Frère