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Since 1993 the Rencontres du Vietnam , which is an official partner of UNESCO, has organised international scientific conferences and schools to foster exchanges between Vietnamese or Asia-Pacific scientists and colleagues from other parts of the world.

The construction of the International Centre for Interdisciplinary Science Education (ICISE) in the city of Quy Nhon (Central Vietnam) has the ambitious objective to focus on developing Science and Education, helping young Asian students and scientists to meet with the International Science community, bringing the opportunity to accelerate their knowledge from attending lectures and sharing ideas with overseas high-level counterparts.

(To locate ICISE, open a Google Earth window and just type International Center of Interdisciplinary Science Education in the Search field.)

  This year, the third Windows on the Universe conference will celebrate the 30th Anniversary Conference of the Rencontres du Vietnam. It will consist of two joint conferences:

Windows on the Universe: Particle Physics

Windows on the Universe: Astrophysics.

Note: in accordance with a decade-long tradition of the Rencontres du Vietnam, the Windows on the Universe will be held in-person only.
The Conference will include Common sessions and each conference will hold in separate parallel Plenary sessions. The "Common sessions", held each day, will consist of invited, unspecialized presentations of interest to both the Particle Physics and Astrophysics communities, while the "Plenary sessions" will be more focused and address scientific highlights of interest for each community, keeping in mind the wide range of topics addressed.
Special emphasis is being placed on active participation by young researchers (bright PhD students, postdocs, early career scientists, etc.). In particular, selected contributed talks will be presented during the Plenary sessions along with Plenary talks. More contributed talks will be accommodated in parallel sessions.

The main topics of the conference are:
Particle Physics
Precision tests of the Standard Model
Higgs boson properties
BSM searches at collider
Precision measurements in Heavy Flavor decays
Tests of CPV through EDM searches, g-2
Strong interactions physics (Heavy ions, spectroscopy...)
Fixed target experiments
Dark matter and Axion searches
New technologies and facilities
Windows on Cosmology
    e.g. CMB polarization, Large-scale structures, Hubble tension
Windows on Galaxies
    (including the Milky Way) e.g. Massive star evolution, supernovae, compact objects, cosmic rays, galactic center
Windows on Planets
    (including the Solar System) e.g. census of exoplanets, atmospheres, formation, outer solar system

Organizing Institutions and Conference Chairs
Ministry of Science and Technology
Hanoi, Vietnam
Rencontres du Vietnam
Gif sur Yvette, France

Huỳnh Thành Đạt
Minister of Science and Technology
Hanoi, Vietnam
Trân Thanh Vân
Rencontres du Vietnam
Gif sur Yvette, France

Scientific Program Committees
Particle Physics Conference   Astrophysics Conference
Monica Pepe-Altarelli (Chair)
CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  Thierry Montmerle (co-Chair)
IAP, Paris, France
    Hien T. Nguyen (co-Chair)
JPL/Caltech, Pasadena, USA
Federico Antinori  
INFN, Padova, Italy
  Eiji Akiyama  
NIIT, Niigata, Japan
Freya Blekman
DESY, Hamburg, Germany
  Michael Albrow  
University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand
Sara Bolognesi  
CEA, Saclay, France
  Denis Allard  
APC, Paris, France
Dave Charlton  
University of Birmingham, UK
  Benoît Cerutti  
IPAG, Grenoble, France
Albert De Roeck
CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  Tzu-Ching Chang 
JPL, Pasadena, USA
Tim Gershon  
University of Warwick, UK
  Corinne Charbonnel  
Observatoire de Genève, Switzerland
Stefania Gori  
University of California, Santa Cruz, USA
  Roland Diehl  
MPE, Garching, Germany
Heather Gray  
University of California, Berkeley, USA
  Jacque Dumarchez  
LPNHE, Paris, France
Christophe Grojean
DESY, Hamburg and
Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany
  Gérard Fontaine  
LLR, Palaiseau, France
Jan Fiete Grosse-Oetringhaus  
CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  Noémie Globus  
University of California, Santa Cruz, USA
Greg Landsberg  
Brown University, Providence, USA
  Isabelle Grenier  
CEA, Saclay, France
Rohini M. Godbole  
IIS, Bengalore, India
  Thiem Chi Hoang  
KASI, Daejeon, Korea
Guido Martinelli 
La Sapienza, Roma, Italy
  Hyesung Kang  
Pusan National University, Korea
Chris Quigg  
Fermilab, Batavia, USA
  Dao Tien Khoa 
Vinatom, Hanoi, Vietnam
Stefan Soldner-Rembold  
University of Manchester, USA
  Rosemary Mardling  
Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
Philipp Urquijo  
University of Melbourne, Australia
  Tomotake Matsumura  
Kavli IPMU, Tokyo, Japan
  Michel Mayor  
Observatoire de Genève, Switzerland
  Quang Luong Nguyen 
American University, Paris, France
  Vo Hong Minh Phan
RWTH, Aachen, Germany
  Clem Pryke
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA
  Dongsu Ryu
UNIST, Ulsan, Korea
  Nuno Santos
CAUP, Porto, Portugal
  Vincent Tatischeff
IJCLab, Orsay, France
  Hao Zhou
T.D. Lee Institute, Shanghai, R.P. China

Local Organizing Committee
Cao Son
Quy Nhon, Vietnam
Dao Thi Nhung
Phenikaa University
Hanoi, Vietnam
Lê Duc Ninh
Phenikaa University
Hanoi, Vietnam
Nguyen Anh Ky
Institute of Physics VAST
Hanoi, Vietnam
Nguyen Thi Hông Vân
Institute of Physics VAST
Hanoi, Vietnam
Nguyen Thi Minh Phuong
Quy Nhon University, Vietnam
Pham Dinh Nguyen
Hanoi, Vietnam
Pham Ngoc Diep
Vietnam National Space Center
Hanoi, Vietnam
Tran Thanh Son
Quy Nhon, Vietnam
Secretariat Team
Do Nghieng Thao
Tran Thi Quynh Nhu
Nguyen Thi Loi
Pham Thi Truc Ly
Tran Thi Hai Lien
Nguyen Trong Nhân

Vera de Sá-Varanda
Tran Thanh Thuy

Contact Us

For questions regarding the scientific program contact:
Monica Pepe-Altarelli for Particle Physics
  Thierry Montmerle for Astrophysics

  Hien T. Nguyen for Astrophysics

For administrative information contact:
Thao Do
Secretary of the Rencontres du Vietnam

BP 33
Gif sur Yvette
Tel : 33 (0)1 69 28 51 35