Preliminary Program

The program of the Vietnam 2006 Conference on "Challenges in Particle Astrophysics" is presently under construction.
The general format of the conference is intended to present on each subject a global introduction / review and then focus on hot topics. More specialized contributions will also be possible in an afternoon of parallel sessions: contributions can be proposed by sending an abstract

A. Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays

Based on direct measurements on primary cosmic rays, the question of cosmic ray sources, composition, propagation and acceleration should be addressed.

B. Dark Matter and Dark Energy

Over the last ten years, precision measurements in cosmology have made it possible to determine a surprising composition of our Universe. Almost flat Ωtot ≅ 1.00 +/- 0.02, our universe appears composed of two main components, a matter component of density Ωmat ≅ 0.28, withordinary (baryonic) matter representing only 4.5% of the universe density, and a dark energy component ΩΛ ≅ 0.72. Although Supersymmetry with conserved R-parity provides a natural candidate with WIMPs (Weakly Interacting Massive Particles) and the Dark Matter problem, the situation is more challenging for the Dark Energy component, where a cosmological constant and a quintessential component both require a high degree of fine-tuning. Our global description by the concordance model must then be questioned and scrutinized to test its relevance. "Challenges in Particle Astrophysics" will discuss the recent progress in this fascinating field.

C. Cosmology

D. Neutrinos

E. Gravitational Waves

Jacques Dumarchez
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